A Peek into FishingBooker’s New Office

This year, we’ve been creating and updating. Where better to start than in the office? As well as making new features and booking fishing trips, we’ve been creating a real oasis of calm and focus in the vibrant, bustling city of Belgrade. 

When we first moved into our New Belgrade office, we were a little taken aback. Up until then, we worked from apartments. They were converted into offices but had a definite “homely charm” (read, strange layouts and stranger echoes). 

Once we outgrew this setup, it was time to take the leap to a “real” office. But real offices feel commercial and drab. That’s the opposite of the inspiring environment we wanted to come into every day.

After months of drawing up plans, talking with our teams, and going back and forth with contractors, FishingBooker’s new home has emerged. It took blood sweat and tears, but the result is strong, sleek, and nothing like its original form.

Come on in and see for yourself!

Reception area

We’ve kept the nautical theme strong throughout the office. Nowhere more so than in our reception area, where you’re greeted by a calming seascape and even some life-size fish! We have our own slice of seaside right here in the middle of landlocked Serbia.

Girl in an interview

If you come for an interview with us, you’ll be doing it in one of the sunniest rooms in the office. This room is reserved for talking with potential new team mates, and our photos on the wall give you the chance to get to know us, right from the get-go.

Man taking a book from a shelf

Glass and open spaces embellish the rooms and corridors, to keep the surroundings bright and airy. Even our hallways are dotted with inspiring books about business, fishing, and the world in general.

Girls chatting and working

Just as every team has a different way of working, every room has different features. The first stage of planning the office renovation was finding out their ideal setup, by sitting down and talking with them. So, each team’s personality shines through in their room’s layout and amenities.

Numbered phone booths in office

This gives people the best possible environment to do their job. There are cubicles for making calls in some rooms, and open, communal spaces in others. 

Female engineer writing code

Teams whose work requires deep focus, such as Engineering, have a lot of personal space and few distractions.

Boys laughing at work

And teams that are constantly communicating with customers and captains, such as Customer Happiness, have plenty of space to work together.

Man and woman in tech meeting

Stylish meeting spaces are dispersed around the whole office, so different groups can join up and discuss what they’re creating.

Two people looking at computer together

Meanwhile, the center of our office is one huge kitchen/dining/gathering/presenting area – aka our ultimate multi-purpose space.

Plant on a stand in a large room

Our company colors are yellow and blue, and we’ve used these throughout the office to inject warmth as well as hints of the ocean. This makes us feel close to the work we’re doing, even when we’re not out fishing.

Blood sweat and tears? Worth every second.

If you can picture yourself working here, take a look at our open positions. We’d love to show you around in person!

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